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Oakdale Aquatics swimmers and coaches during practice
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Swim Lessons

Introductory & Beginner Level Lessons

Bronze lessons are 2 week long, 30 minute long sessions running five days a week. Level I teaches swimmers the basics of floating and kicking. At this level there is a 2:1 swimmer to coach ratio, so each swimmer is getting direct help. Level II teaches the basics of freestyle and backstroke. Level II is designed for swimmers age 7-18, and the lessons have a 1:1 swimmer to coach ratio.


Practice Groups

Level 1 | Summer

Bronze Coaches

Session 1: 4:30-5:00
Session 2: 5:00-5:30
Cost: See registration page
Oakdale Aquatics pool with all of the lane lines in.

We Emphasize The Step-By-Step Coaching Process

The pool deck is our classroom with practices are our “lectures”/lessons. Athletes will learn the absolute basic swimming fundamentals of breath control, kicking, stroke work, and proper demonstration of listening to coaches before moving to more technical elements of the sport.


In Silver specifically, our goal is to get athletes ready and able to move into our competitive swim program, Gold, to further explore the sport.

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