Coach Ronny explaining a drill as the swimmers prep to start the set.
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Beginner to Noivce

A Beginner To Novice Level, Month To Month Introduction Swim Program.

Each month will emphasize and focus on a specific competitive stroke as well as core stability, balancing, and kicking (i.e. the first two weeks will focus on sculling, balancing, floating, kicking, and being comfortable in the water, the second two weeks will focus on stroke specific mechanics, drills, and form). The goal is for swimmers to only stay in Silver no longer than a year.


Practice Groups


Silver Coaches

Session 1: 4:30-5:00 M/W/F
Session 2: 5:00-5:30 M/W/F
Session 3: 5:30-6:00 M/W/F
Cost: $60 per month 


Silver Coaches

Cost: $75 per month 

Additional Information

Monthly Focus

Each month will focus on a specific competitive swim stroke. We introduce one stroke at a time so athletes learn to prefect one stroke at a time.

Time Trials

On the last Friday of each month. Events will vary, but will reflect what the athletes have been working on that month.

Swim Test

Before joining Silver all new athletes must pass a basic swim skills test. The swim test has five parts: submerge head and blow bubbles, float on belly while blowing bubbles, float on back, kick on belly while blowing bubbles, and kick on back. We will have a coach on the deck running the test and a coach in the water to help demonstrate and for safety, but all athletes must be able to complete the test unassisted by the coaches. 

Oakdale Aquatics pool with all of the lane lines in.

We Emphasize The Step-By-Step Coaching Process

The pool deck is our classroom with practices are our “lectures”/lessons. Athletes will learn the absolute basic swimming fundamentals of breath control, kicking, stroke work, and proper demonstration of listening to coaches before moving to more technical elements of the sport.


In Silver specifically, our goal is to get athletes ready and able to move into our competitive swim program, Gold, to further explore the sport.

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