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Oakdale Aquatics Pre-High atheletes working on their ball handling skills coming towards the wall.
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Ages 11-14

An Intermediate Level Between the Splashball & Senior Water Polo Program.

The goal is to train in the fundamental individual and team-level skills of the sport to prepare athletes to compete. In the Pre-High program, athletes will build upon the foundational skills learned from Splashball, and they will begin to apply these skills in games and tournaments. While Pre-High prioritizes skill development, the athletes in this group will also continue to learn the sport through games and developing friendships that will motivate them to challenge themselves and participate in a team sport.

Year Round

Practice Groups

Practice Times

Coach Wiley & Luke

Practice Times: 6:30-7:30PM
Monday & Wednesday
Cost: $88 per month

Annual Fee

All Pre-High athletes will be required to be a member of USA Water Polo with a Bronze level membership ($45 per year) in order to particpate in any tournaments. Bronze level athletes are eligible for club practices, local/regional league play, some local sanctioned tournaments.

Oakdale Mustangs water polo balls before a game, next to the pool before a water polo game.

We Emphasize Team Camraderie and Personal Growth.

 Athletes will learn the individual water polo skills of treading water, ball handling and control, as well as proper throwing mechanics. They will also participate in coordinated drills and game play. This group focuses on fundamental skills and behaviors before moving to more technical elements of the sport.

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